Microsoft has released three new Android application project Garage

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has released three new Android application project Garage

Microsoft does not limit its activities on the development of apps for competing platforms. Redmond showed it a few times and continued to do so with the extension of the project Garage, which can be briefly described as ideas which the employees used their free time to create interesting projects, with no restrictions on the operating systems. The new line activities of Microsoft Garage started yesterday with the official announcement of three interesting applications for the Android platform.

The first app is called Next Lock Screen and aims to improve the management of the lock screen on phones with Android. This is a free app with a focus on productivity, and on the lock screen it displays the calendar, missed calls, emails and text messages. There are two different but equally important functions – dialing capability swipe to the right and quickly launch applications.

The second application is Journeys & Notes. It is a kind of travel diary with the components of the social network. With it, you can obtain useful information from other tourists who travelled on the same route.

The company continues to watch on the platform Android Wear, although at the moment it invests in a more or less experimental projects such as a custom keyboard developed by Microsoft Research.

The same can be said about the third project that bears the name Torque to Bing voice assistant Cortana style that can replace the built-in solution from Google. Torque allows you to search using voice commands, however now is recognized only in English. Of course, as in the case of Cortana for finding Torque uses Bing.

Microsoft Garage started its operation in 2009 and is currently the project involves about 10,000 Microsoft employees. Their focus is on developing applications intended for the end user. The management of the company no matter what platforms are intended to be developed in a Garage application. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a decisive contribution to the promotion of this cause. His philosophy on innovation and cross-platform support, and this will continue in the future.

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