Microsoft has released the April update for Xbox One

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has released the April update for Xbox One

The Xbox One received an update in February, then in March and today’s update suggests that Microsoft will be releasing updates on a monthly basis.

Today’s update includes new features and some improvements. First, it is something that is familiar to users of Xbox 360, namely notifications when your friends appear online. Thus, starting today, Xbox One has this feature, which for some reason is still absent; and the ability to view friends who are playing multiplayer games.

The April update shows that Microsoft paid special attention to the detection of voice and gestures with Kinect. Although the company does not complete the improvements in the April update, Microsoft mentions changing the functions of some gestures. The aim is to reduce the number of false positives with the Kinect, which previously occurred when the sensor was confused user’s hand from other objects.

Microsoft выпустила апрельское обновление для Xbox One

Also was fixed the problem causing the static noise when using the stereo headset; improved interface that appears when updating the games and apps. The latest innovation is the ability to manually trigger future updates. So Xbox One users can immediately get updates without waiting for the moment when they offered to upgrade the console itself.

The April update should already be available to users around the world.

: The Verge

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