Microsoft has released a tool to convert classic programs to universal application

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has released a tool to convert classic programs to universal application

Microsoft выпустила инструмент для преобразования классических программ в универсальные приложения

One of the most interesting announcements at the plenary speech on the first day of the Build conference in 2016, there is a new tool Desktop App Converter (formerly known as Centennial Project). Its mission is to help developers to convert their desktop Win32 programs (with the extension .exe, for example) in a universal app that can be installed on all Windows 10 devices – computers, tablets, smartphones and Xbox One.

Starting today, this tool is available as a preview to all the developers involved. It is compatible only with the Enterprise edition of the latest build Windows 10 (at number 14316), and requires 64-bit processor with virtualization support. The package is available in English; you can download it from the official website at this address:

In addition to the simple conversion of the classic programmes in the universal Desktop Converter App offers developers a number of other advantages. First, is the ability to reach millions of people worldwide through the publication of their product in the Windows Store (recall that currently, Windows 10 is installed on more than 270 million devices). Second, is the opportunity to realize all the typical features of modern Windows apps: Push notifications, live tiles, functions for sales of content within apps, etc.

Benefits are there for us, ordinary users. For example, the classic program is converted to a universal app is more reliable from a security point of view. Universal app better in terms of «painless» removal: unlike conventional programs, universal leave nothing behind – nothing. Finally, in the future, converted desktop software can be run on smartphones. Yes, in most cases it will be difficult to manage such programs on a mobile device, but this might help Continuum.

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