Microsoft has published an application «Calls» for Windows 10 device

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft has published an application «Calls» for devices with Windows 10

Microsoft опубликовала приложение «Звонки» для устройств с Windows 10

The app «Calls» (Microsoft Phone), the existence of which he learned over the weekend thanks to the new leak of Windows 10 build, it was published in the Windows Store. It is currently available for download only on computers running Windows 10 Build 10588.

The app is mainly designed for tablets and devices equipped with a SIM slot, but because on a desktop PC it doesn’t have much practical use.

Official description:

The app «Calls» in Windows 10 allows you to easily communicate with different people using popular services. The call log shows the calls together Skype and voice calls, so you have instant access to your favorite people and favorite ways of communicating with them. One button click turns a voice call into a video call and wave to his companion hand! Keep in touch has never taken so little time!

In fact, this is the app that is already used in Windows 10 Mobile, and combines the features of a phone with those of Skype. In addition to calling features, it allows you to record calls made via Voice over LTE or Wi-Fi.

In General, desktop Microsoft Phone makes little sense, but the reason for its existence, perhaps there are tablets with Windows 10, which is equipped with a telephone module.

As already noted, the app is not yet available for download from the official builds of Windows 10.

Phone (Microsoft)

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Free

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