Microsoft has only 20% market share of operating systems

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has only 20% market share of operating systems

У Microsoft лишь 20-процентная доля на рынке операционных систем

According to Goldman Sachs, Google is currently the leader in this segment, posolku 42% of all desktop and mobile devices around the world use its operating system.

In second place Apple due to the huge success of the iPhone and iPad, but the company from Redmond remains in third place. The report States that in the near future the situation does not change and the company led by Tim cook, will retain its second position, at least until 2016. According to the same report, the market of PCs and laptops in the next year will remain the current level and the main growth will show tablets.

In this Goldman Sachs sees the reason for maintaining the position of Apple, which will probably keep the lead the iPad. Analysts also left the door open for new types of devices that may change the picture. They call the increasingly popular Smart TV and entertainment device like Apple TV, Google TV and Xbox.

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