Microsoft has officially launched OneDrive

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has officially launched OneDrive

Some time ago Microsoft announced the upcoming rebranding of SkyDrive. Today, this process has been launched. If you are wondering why the company decided to rename their «cloud», then the answer is walking away is not necessary. The fact that last year, Microsoft lost its rights to use the brand «SkyDrive» in a court dispute with the British company Sky, and so, starting today, the service cloud storage files will be called OneDrive.

Users who are already using the service, you will not notice any special changes. The web version and the app will look all also only, they will no longer be any mention of SkyDrive. Updated application for Windows (Vista, 7 and 8), Mac and Xbox will be released later today, while the mobile version (for Android, Windows Phone and iOS) has been renamed and can be downloaded in their respective app stores.

All users (both new and old) to your OneDrive for a pleasant surprise. In addition to the standard 7 GB of free space for storing files, users will be able to get an additional 8 GB. Of course, it is necessary to fulfill some requirements. First, the bonus 5 GB you can get for call users to register to the service. For each registered under your link user, the company will expand your cloud at 500 MB, and so can be done 10 times. Sound familiar? Of course, a similar event was held and Dropbox. Second, if you enable automatic archiving photos in mobile applications for Windows Phone , Android or iOS, Microsoft will give you another 3 GB.

Keep in mind that Microsoft is just starting to roll out changes so it will be some time before they will notice it. Site updated service is located at this address, there you can get yourself an account if you do not have one.


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