Microsoft has offered its vision of the future

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has offered its vision of the future

How and by what technology will change our lifestyle in the next 5-10 years? To answer this question there are several approaches, and one of them was proposed by Microsoft Research, a research center of the company from Redmond.

Microsoft periodically publishes leading video, which tries to make more tangible the evolutionary path of modern technology. In the new video «Productivity Future Vision» the company shows a wide range of products, technologies and services used in the field of productivity «in the future».

The video shows the ultra-thin tablet without any frame around the screen, holograms, interactive whiteboards, innovative Wearables, digital assistants, and new forms of transmission and display of information. In other words, everything that can make happy any techno fan.

Even despite the fact that currently it all seems futuristic, many of these projects may already be under development, or at least in the «embryonic» state. Just remember about project HoloLens, which Microsoft introduced last month.

Details about this concept you can find at this address.

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