Microsoft had several different controller options for Xbox One

By | 11.12.2018

Microsoft had several different controller options for the Xbox One

Earlier in the week, Microsoft held a brief presentation of the new controller for the Xbox One, which looks like a standard gamepad, but during an interview with the editors of the website Kotaku Zulfi Alam, Microsoft said that the company had more than enough innovative ideas.

The head of the unit, dealing with the accessories for Xbox, said that Microsoft was working on a controller that emits various smells (the smell of decaying forests, burning tires, etc.), depending on what is happening in the game. Alam said that the prototypes were not suitable for production because it is too Intrusive odors that remain in the room.

Among other experiments, Microsoft had a controller with a display and a speaker, but the screen too quickly Deplete the battery, and the speakers distracting. In addition, gamers prefer bigger screens, so the company had to abandon this idea.

The ultimate controller for Xbox One is very similar to its predecessor for the Xbox 360, but it is more compact and has a more modern design. The most significant change is the presence of triggers with vibration feedback. This controller, by the way, can be used with PC, but this possibility will appear only in 2014, when the company will release the necessary software.

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