Microsoft finally expands coverage of services, from Bing

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft finally expands coverage of services from Bing

Bing is one of Microsoft’s products, which is the subject of much ridicule, especially outside the United States. However, the search engine from Microsoft is slowly increasing its market share, mainly due to the persistent introduction of products with Windows 8.1 and Cortana integration. The main problem, however, is the complete lack of localization of Bing for most countries of the world.

In fact, in the US Bing and related services give good results, including details about local organizations and other useful information. The rest of the world, which is well known among Russian users, such information is simply absent. It’s ironic, given the fact that the most successful markets for Windows Phone outside the USA, where there is virtually no support for the majority of system services. However, this should change.

Microsoft looking for a new employee, and in the description of the position States: «Bing is launching the most ambitious geographic and product expansion in its history.» With this statement the company shows that priorities have changed, because the ad also says that «international markets are now on the ground and Central location in Bing».

The company is planning a huge expansion, whose purpose is to «make Bing a quality product in 75 countries around the world.»

: Ars Technica

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