Microsoft finally decided to «bury» Windows Media Center

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft finally decided to «bury» Windows Media Center

Microsoft stopped developing Windows Media Center back in 2009, but the company continues to offer it as additional features for 390 rubles, users of Windows 8.1. However, this add-in, which provides the user interface optimized to use a PC as a media center and will not be supported in the new version of the operating system. This news was officially confirmed by Microsoft during a private meeting with the press held at Build 2015.

Any computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, which will be upgraded to Windows 10, will lose the function of Media Center. Even if you install one of the latest builds of Windows 10 on a PC with the Media Center displays a warning that indicates the incompatibility of the function with the new operating system.

It is the company’s decision comes as no surprise. Windows Media Center was introduced in 2001 as a separate version of Windows XP, but in 2009 the project was stopped because of poor reception and users to reduce development costs.

However, alternatives are more than enough – from the most expensive, such as the Xbox One, which is perfect for use as a media center and not just as a gaming console, to free programs in the face of Kodi and VLC, which are also ideal for building HTPC.

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