Microsoft eliminates the brand «Nokia»

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft eliminates the brand «Nokia»

Remember when some time ago there were rumors that Microsoft is going to eliminate the brand «Nokia», isn’t it? In General, the rumors proved to be true, and om this claim now stands, and Microsoft itself.

New series will be called simply Microsoft Lumia. The company confirmed this to the Verge. Nokia France will be the first unit that will begin rebranding its social profiles, then their example will be followed by branches in other countries.

This does not mean that Nokia will completely cease to exist. Microsoft only bought the mobile division of the company, so the Finns continue to operate as separate entities, but are engaged in the network infrastructure and navigation solutions.

However, it is not clear what the logo will appear on new smartphones. Still front and rear manufacturer wrote «Nokia». Now Microsoft is unlikely to allow themselves to use only «Lumia» and «Microsoft Lumia» seems a bit long. Curious what we will see in the end. Maybe the company will come up with some abbreviation, such as «ML».

At such moments, many people are overwhelmed with nostalgia for the once most popular brand in the mobile phone market in the world, because Nokia is a part of life of entire generations and one of the pioneers in the field of mobile communications of this type.

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