Microsoft Edge will support synchronization of bookmarks, passwords and much more

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Edge will support synchronization of bookmarks, passwords, and much more

Over the last few days Microsoft has shared some new details about their modern browser, which is designed to transfer the convenience and efficiency of Internet browsing to a whole new level. In this article we will talk about the most interesting thing was announced by Microsoft.

Let’s start with the fact that the company has no plans to release Edge for competing platforms (iOS and Android). Contrary to what is happening with other apps and Microsoft services, Edge will be exclusive to Windows 10 devices. It will be used as the web browser by default, but on computers Edge will get along with Internet Explorer, which will continue to exist as a legacy app for all those users, who for various reasons are unable to do without him.

Microsoft has made it clear why the logo Edge is very much similar to that of Internet Explorer – the company just doesn’t want to be confusing. Blue letter «e» with an orbit has long been widely recognized as the logo of the application, intended for web surfing, so its revival in the brand Edge is no more than just a way to keep awareness and to facilitate the detection of the application to access the Internet.

However, the functions and the technology used in Edge, will be significantly different from those who for many years was characteristic of Internet Explorer. For example, the company said that the new browser will not support more than 300 API for Internet Explorer. One of them got an ActiveX control, which since 1996 has allowed (and still allows) developers to create add-ons for IE, and the module Browser Helper Objects that allows you to add third-party toolbars.

The place is outdated, inconvenient and often dangerous toolbar is extensions and plugins. Support for this feature will appear in some time after the release of the RTM version. The developers Edge also confirmed that extensions are their long-term goal for the smartphone version of the browser. Moreover, in order to provide the best user experience, Microsoft will Edge a number of technologies that embrace the latest web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3 for web pages, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) support for 2D vector graphics.

Thanks to a partnership agreement with Adobe Edge Microsoft will have native support for viewing PDF files, and integration with Adobe Flash for access to all those sites that are still using this «old» technology, without the need to install any plugins.

Finally, Microsoft confirmed that the new browser will support the syncing of tabs, history, passwords and favorites between all user’s devices. However, the company did not specify whether this feature is part of the first stable version.

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