Microsoft Edge will support responsive images

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Edge will support responsive images

Microsoft Edge будет поддерживать отзывчивые изображения

One of the features of Windows 10, is undoubtedly a new Microsoft Edge. Development Edge is not finished yet, and Microsoft continues to prepare the way for his debut, which will be held simultaneously with the commercial launch of Windows 10, scheduled for July 29.

The company has released a new video that contains useful tips for using the browser as the most unique characteristics of Microsoft Edge.

In the video Stephen L. rose, senior Manager, product marketing Microsoft shows Cortana integration, a reading mode, the ability to add notes to webpages and share them with your contacts. Video will be interesting primarily to those who have not yet had the opportunity to try Windows 10.

Also yesterday, Microsoft published a blog post called «Introduction to srcset, our first step to a fully responsive images in Microsoft Edge». In fact, the company confirmed that the new browser will have support for responsive images, and the first step in this direction was made to add support for srcset:

srcset is an attribute of the img element, which declares a set of images and scale factor (descriptor pixel density). This helps browsers to choose the most appropriate image for your device.

For the end user this means that the browser will adjust the images on web pages depending on the device used (PC, tablet, etc.).

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