Microsoft Edge will soon receive the support of extension work with Xbox One

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Edge will soon receive the support of extension work with Xbox One

Microsoft Edge вскоре получит поддержку расширений и совместимость с Xbox One

Microsoft Edge was released to replace Internet Explorer and to put an end to the bad reputation of Microsoft in the browser market. The developers of the company was not much time to prepare a full-fledged product by the time Windows 10, and because the composition of the new operating system, we now have a «bad» browser that lacks certain important functions.

However, the development process continues in full swing. In particular, the Edge creators say the implementation of the support extensions is their main priority and soon will be released a new API that will allow third-party developers to work with the browser.

@nickgully #AskMSEdge Sandwiches, fruit, cookies! No ETA for extensions but it’s a priority for the team & we’re working on it.

— Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) 15 Sep 2015

Speaking about the improved adaptation of the interface to touchscreen devices like the one we saw in Internet Explorer 11 Modern UI interface, the developers have said that it is in their plans for the future, but it seems that it is not a priority. They confirm that at present their priority is the PC version, but the improvements will eventually get to the mobile version.

Many of the features of Internet Explorer will also be part of the new browser: full-screen mode, Swipe-to-back, sync bookmarks, tabs and history between your computer and smartphone.

Finally, in response to the question about the possible release of version Edge for Xbox One the developers have said a resounding «Yes».

#AskMSEdge @SHarshaT Yes, Edge will be coming to Xbox One

— Microsoft Edge Dev (@MSEdgeDev) 15 Sep 2015

The company does not name the specific date of the appearance of missing functions, although we can assume that at least the extension support will debut with the next major update for Windows 10 that is expected this fall.

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