Microsoft Edge will receive support VP9 video codec

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Edge will receive the support of the video codec VP9

Microsoft Edge получит поддержку видео кодека VP9

Microsoft has announced that the recently announced browser Edge will soon receive the support of the video codec, open-source VP9, which is Google. It is an alternative to H. 265 to deliver video content in high definition and already supported by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Initially enabling support for VP9 in Edge will be possible through an experimental flag, which would be available via about:flags.

Here is what Andy Gless (chief program Manager for graphics and media in Microsoft) and Jerry Smith (program Manager Microsoft Edge) in the official Windows blog:

Our initial implementation of VP9 in Edge will support adaptive stream through Media Source Extensions, and will be detectable using MediaSource.isTypeSupported () API.

It will be specifically designed to meet the needs of web sites that use VP9 for video transmission in combination with MP4 / AAC or other audio codecs that are already supported by Microsoft.

As we know, Edge is the successor to the obsolete Internet Explorer, so it’s not surprising that Microsoft is looking to gradually add all the important features in your new browser. The more that support popular standards and tools is an important condition for creating and maintaining user base. By the way, soon Edge needs to acquire and support extensions.

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