Microsoft Edge secure web browser

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Edge secure web browser

Microsoft: Edge будет безопасным веб-браузером

Lightness, ease of use and absolutely new features will be not the only features of the new browser from Microsoft. Edge for Windows 10 will also provide the highest level of security. The developers have announced in a recent statement on the official website Edge Dev, which they also explained in detail that they were taken to a new browser could guarantee the maximum protection against increasingly sophisticated attacks and a growing number of malicious sites.

Microsoft Edge uses modern technology to protect against phishing (read «fraud»), hacker attacks and malicious websites which can compromise your personal information.

The browser supports modern protocols including HTTP2 and TLS that make a connection to the sites more secure and resistant to «invasion» of third parties, while the system Certificate Reputation will warn you about potentially hazardous sites and recommend to stay away from them.

In addition, Microsoft will Edge integrated a new feature in Windows 10 – Windows Passport – which aims to retire the authentication system at the sites based on the input of passwords and the engine EdgeHTML will carry out all our processes in an insulated container that will make it more difficult for hackers using bugs in the browser or one of its extensions.

Because Edge is a separate app, not an integral part of the operating system like Internet Explorer, the company will be able to quickly release updates to rectify security threats.

Finally, Microsoft Edge will default to use the advantages of 64-bit architecture on a 64-bit processor, making the technology ASLR, which considerably complicates the exploitation of various vulnerabilities is much more efficient.

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