Microsoft develops Office Forms – competitor Google Forms

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft develops Office Forms – competitor Google Forms

Microsoft разрабатывает Office Forms – конкурента Google Формы

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new family Office: it will be called Office Forms and will create a list of questions that can be answered by other users (surveys, questionnaires, support/registration and so on). Obviously, it would be a competitor to Google Forms, which is an integral part of Google Documents.

The company has already launched the official website Office Forms, but your access to the service until it closed. It seems that Office Forms will be available only to users edition of Office 365 for educational institutions, at least at first, until the end of the preliminary test phase.

Unfortunately, at the moment, information is very limited: it is not clear how the new product, what features and possibilities will be offered and, equally important, whether it will be available to users who do not have subscription to Office 365 Education. The answers to these questions we need to in the near future.

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