Microsoft decided not to use WebKit to Spartan, not to rely on Google

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft decided not to use WebKit to Spartan, not to rely on Google

One of the most exciting and interesting news in the past weeks is with the new Microsoft browser, codenamed Spartan, which will differ from what we see today in Internet Explorer, both from the point of view of functionality, and from the point of view of the interface.

One of the most controversial decisions related to this browser, is the refusal of Microsoft to adopt WebKit. Instead, the company will use a modified version of the native browser engine Trident, which will be made all the necessary changes to meet modern web standards. Ie Microsoft can forget about compatibility with older sites, since they users will be able to use Internet Explorer, which will be included in Windows 10.

Still we knew that the decision to abandon WebKit was made after a long period of discussion and debate within the company. However, the reasons that prompted Microsoft to continue to use the Trident, remained a mystery.

Now, thanks to Paul Thurrot, we learned that the main reason why Microsoft abandoned WebKit, connected with unwillingness of companies to rely on Google to develop strategically important component of the browser.

Microsoft решила не использовать WebKit в Spartan, чтобы не полагаться на Google

According to do, Microsoft has spent a long and laborious study to determine the most powerful and viable implementation of WebKit. As a result of research the company has come to the conclusion that Blink, a version of WebKit developed by Google, is technically superior to WebKit (used in Apple Safari) in almost all relevant aspects, and will continue to outperform in the foreseeable future.

However, fortunately for himself, in Microsoft time realized that using Blink to Spartan, they are completely inferior to Google control over one of the most important components of your browser, and this would put Microsoft in a very vulnerable position, especially in light of the obvious problems and constant conflict between the two companies.

and Paul Thurrot also note that the results of the change in the Trident even surpassed Microsoft, so your new browser the company is very hopeful.


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