Microsoft created a special version of Windows 10 for China

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft created a special version of Windows 10 for China

Microsoft создала специальную версию Windows 10 для Китая

Despite the fact that in most countries of the world Windows 10 is a success, China’s «ten» is not feeling well. In an attempt to solve this problem Microsoft has formed a new joint venture in China, which is engaged in licensing, deployment, management and optimization of Windows 10 for Chinese government agencies and some state enterprises.

According to the Beijing newspaper Caixin, the software giant has even created a unique version of Windows 10 specifically for the Chinese government in the hope that it will help spread the new OS in the Asian country.

Chinese edition of the operating system called Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition and comes with fewer consumer-oriented applications, but with more control and security to meet the requirements of the Chinese authorities.

Despite the changes, including the interface, chief Executive officer, Microsoft China stressed that Windows 10 Specially-provided Edition has retained the ability to run any Windows-compatible programs.

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