Microsoft continues testing of «smart hours»

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft continues testing of «smart hours»

Previously it was reported that Microsoft is working on a «smart» watch, and meanwhile, thanks to the am website The Verge has additional information about this device. According to information, testing of the prototype was transferred to the command Surface, but this watch was developed under the leadership of the Xbox team, which originally planned to create a special heartbeat sensor for the new Kinect.

Previous data suggest that the gadget will have a magnetic connector for the charger, and can get 1.5” display. Information from AmongTech suggests that the prototype watch is equipped with straps of different colors, and this is confirmed by The Verge. According to another article on the same website AmongTech, the device will be made of oxynitride aluminum special transparent alloy which is not cheap, but much stronger than glass.

The Verge writes that Microsoft is testing a version of Windows 8, which is modified to enhance the compatibility of hours with other Windows devices. AmongTech also claims that the prototype has 6 GB of memory and LTE connectivity, but it integrated cloud service to store user data.

: The Verge

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