Microsoft confirms kernel 10.0 on Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft confirms the core of Windows 10 to 10.0

Microsoft подтверждает ядро 10.0 в Windows 10

The latest information about what the kernel 10.0 will be an integral part of future versions of the Windows operating system, has received official confirmation. Doubts were dispelled by the visit the official website of the MSDN developers Internet Explorer where Microsoft asks them to make appropriate changes to avoid future compatibility issues with web applications as a result of the arrival of the new kernel:

Developers preparing for Windows 10 should be borne in mind that the Windows NT value in the UA string will change from 6.4 to 10.0 with the new release. If you have code that depends on the version number, we recommend you to update it to the new value.

In addition to the specific implications for developers, IE, that remark is a clear official confirmation of important changes in the Windows kernel 10. How important will the transition to a new version number, we’ll know in the coming months. However, it is clear that the core of 10.0 will be important in creating the common core OneCore, which will help the company to combine all platforms in the Windows ecosystem.

Recall that the Windows Phone 8 platform.x is also based on the Windows NT kernel, and it is for this reason, Microsoft ensures that all devices with this version will be on Windows 10 by updates. Compatibility issues or other restrictions should not be, as it was with Windows Phone 7 based on Windows CE kernel, which two years ago was left without upgrade to version 8.

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