Microsoft confirmed that the Surface Mini project was stopped

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft confirmed that the Surface Mini project was stopped

Even when in may it became known that the Surface Mini will not work, the Internet kept on appearing reflections on the plans of Microsoft on a small tablet. Later there were even rumors that the Mini will only be released when Microsoft will finish development of touch-optimized version of Office for Windows. And discovered mention of the Surface Mini in the user manual for the Surface Pro 3 showed that a small tablet is likely to exist…

And indeed it is. However, its production was stopped. Now it is official information, because the sentence Surface Mini was announced in the financial report of the company. It States that the company made «a decision not to start selling a new form factor [Surface]». Reportedly, this decision was made a Director of the company by Satya Nadella and Stephen Elopa. They both thought that little tablet just will not be able to offer a set of unique features necessary for successful competition in the already saturated market.

Now Microsoft has been very cautious in their actions in the segment of tablets like the original Surface RT brought the company $ 900 million loss, and try to fix the damage, launching a mini-version of the tablet probably not the best idea, especially considering that the Windows devices have not yet established a strong position in the mobile market.

: TechCrunch

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