Microsoft confirmed that Spartan will support extensions

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft confirmed that Spartan will support extensions

The new browser from Microsoft, which in the end can get the name of Entourage, Elixa, Evo, Evex, Endeavor and Edge, constantly attracts the attention after the last official presentation of Windows 10.

Internet Explorer will offer many interesting features, including integration of voice assistant Cortana, the ability to browse pages in easy to read mode, the stylus support and the function annotations of web sites. So far, however, Microsoft has not said whether the company plans to release Spartan for previous versions of the operating system, or it will only work with Windows 10.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed that the browser will support additional extension, and this is an interesting functionality will be added in one of future updates for Spartan, reports The Verge. Software engineers Microsoft will also provide developers with the tools with which they can optimize their Chrome extension for the new Spartan.

The company aims to create a diverse ecosystem of plugins and extensions for a more successful competition with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We can only hope that soon find out more detailed information about the capabilities of the new browser company.

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