Microsoft cleans up the Windows Store

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft cleans up the Windows Store

Microsoft наводит порядок в Windows Store

Microsoft has announced a new series of measures designed to restore order in the Windows Store. They are applicable for new and existing applications. The main objective is to streamline the app ecosystem, allowing users to find quality apps in accordance to their needs.

To developers it was clear what was going on, Microsoft gave a few specific examples of inconsistencies, because of which their applications may not be certified or to be removed.

First and foremost relies on the existence of certain applications that are not able to adequately present their capabilities, and whose icons are too similar to icons of other applications and introduce confusion. Also will be deleted the application that can offer users real value.

As for price, Microsoft insists that this element reflect the real value of the app. The principle, which implies that apps that offer similar functionality should be offered at similar prices. Higher price compared to other similar applications may cause a potential buyer to the belief that this application has higher intrinsic value, even if it is not. At the same time, developers can continue to use price as a way of promoting their apps, but it should not be used to participate in practices that violate the code of conduct in the Windows Store.

Applications that contain exclusively information – guides, manuals – should be indicated as such, including the icon.

Finally, the company emphasizes the importance of using appropriate titles, descriptions, tags and keywords, which must be such that the potential buyer can immediately understand the content of your purchase. Key words should not be used fraudulently with the sole purpose to improve the position of the application in the search results of store (for more information about using key words you can find at this address).


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