Microsoft cinched waist in the Windows Store

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft cinched waist in the Windows Store

If you have previously used the Windows Store, you could not help but notice that many of the available in the app store are fake, i.e. pretend to be well-known software and show you advertising, or are paid. This has led to serious criticism of the tech giant, which does not properly support an app store for your operating system.

Problems with the software arise not only due to the fact that users simply misleading, but also because of the possibility of malicious programs into the Windows Store. In an attempt to cope with the situation Microsoft has decided to make changes to the basic requirements for published applications. Changes include the following points:

  • Naming – the name of the app should clearly reflect its functionality.
  • Classification – the application must be classified according to its purpose and function.
  • The icon for the application, you need to use a unique icon so that users could confuse it with another program.

With the purpose of responding to user complaints, Microsoft has also formed a team that will deal with the removal of fake apps. You have already identified the 1,500 applications that are removed from the ecosystem. If the user has already paid for the «junk» app, you can turn to Microsoft and the company promises to reimburse the money spent.

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