Microsoft can reduce the cost of the OEM version of Windows 8 to 75%

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft can reduce the cost of the OEM version of Windows 8 to 75%

It seems that Microsoft is planning to reduce the price of Windows 8 licenses to OEMs to 75%. Unnamed and misleading that it should happen in April or may.

Microsoft может снизить стоимость OEM-версии Windows 8 до 75%

Discount will only be offered on the operating system installed on devices with touch screens. Such a move could boost sales of laptops and tablets, the demand for them is not great. On The Wall Street Journal also says that Microsoft will add a free copy of Office 2013 in tablets with screens less than 10.8 inches.

Thus, for each licensed copy of Windows 8 OEMs will pay from $20 to $30 that affect the final consumers and therefore, the device with Windows 8 can be bought for a very low price.

This information is not yet confirmed by Microsoft, but an investor conference, Asus CEO of the Taiwanese company noted that the software giant is making a serious effort to help manufacturers sell more products with Windows 8.

It is also clear that Microsoft wants PC makers focused on devices with a small form factor. As we already know, the next major operating system upgrade, Windows Blue, will be cheaper and will bring support for 7-8 inch screens.


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