Microsoft can add to Windows Phone a new «invisible» mode

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft can add to Windows Phone a new «invisible» mode

Microsoft has received a new patent for automatic control of parameters of the smartphone. Function, which can become part of Windows Phone, according to developers, will allow to automatically adjust the main parameters of the smartphone making it more «invisible»: the level of screen brightness, ringer volume, information displayed on the screen, etc. This is useful when going to the movies or night time, for example.

The method described Microsoft automatically includes the «invisible mode», using information from multiple ov: GPS, NFC, MAC address of the wireless network and the data stored in the smartphone, such as those that can be obtained if the user purchases tickets to the show via a web browser, or add an entry about an upcoming event in calendar (for example, «take this girl to the movies»).

The images included in the documentation that the company filed in the US patent office, show the lock screen like that in Windows Phone. It is not excluded that the described feature may be part of the innovations of the future major release of mobile operating system from Microsoft.

The patent application dates back to 2013, and approved it was only this year on January 13. It is expected that the system will debut in Windows 10 for mobile devices.


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