Microsoft buys Xamarin

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft buys Xamarin

Microsoft покупает Xamarin

Xamarin is a company whose activity is connected with the provision of the basic set of tools for mobile developers. The main feature of the Xamarin tools is the ability to write applications in C# and then convert that code to run on Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

When in the spring of last year, Microsoft announced the creation of the so-called «bridges» that allow to easily port the app from iOS or Android to Windows 10, many people said that the next step the software giant will acquire Xamarin. That is what happened the day before Microsoft announced the takeover of Xamarin. The transaction, whose amount was not disclosed, will be closed in April.

What gives this asset? Becoming the owner of Xamarin, Microsoft was in a very unique position in regard to development applications. In particular, the company can integrate the Xamarin tools in Visual Studio, giving developers the ability to create true cross-platform applications. In other words, the problem of lack of apps in the Windows Store may soon be solved.

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