Microsoft buys maker of Minecraft game

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft buys maker of Minecraft

I believe Minecraft needs no introduction. Many people are aware of this video game, in which you can create almost any objects while avoiding various dangers. The game was introduced in 2011 and is very popular among gamers worldwide.

According to its creators, to date they have sold over 50 million copies, and one of the latest articles in The Wall Street Journal reveals that Microsoft is interested in buying the company Mojang AB, which is developing this game.

According to reports, the talks between them are already in an advanced stage and the deal could be announced officially by the end of the week. It is expected that the software giant will pay more than $ 2 billion to get full control of the Swedish company. It is noteworthy that its founder, Markus Persson, had previously allowed himself to criticize the strategy of Microsoft with the operating system Windows 8. In his statement, he has identified the operating system as a «very, very bad for the development of indie games.»

Negotiations between the two companies began several months ago, and Persson has managed to visit the Microsoft headquarters to discuss the details of the transaction.

I wonder, will Microsoft be able to increase not only their income, but the user base of Minecraft.

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