Microsoft bought the developer of a mail app for iOS and Android

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft bought the developer of a mail app for iOS and Android

Microsoft has officially confirmed the acquisition of Acompli. According to analysts, the financial side of the transaction reached $ 200 million.

Currently, Acompli offers users an attractive email application for most popular mobile platforms on the market: Android and iOS. Thanks to them, you can easily view and manage not only emails but also calendar events, attached files, etc., reports SlashGear.

The software giant explained the decision to go to the deal claim that at present more than half the letters we receive and read on their smartphones and tablets. Microsoft decided that they need a talented team Acompli, to provide customers with the best opportunities to manage your correspondence in the email.

Acompli’s main goal is to create a simple to use platform that supports multiple email services, daily used by users to access their accounts. Largely we can say that the company has achieved this goal, and the deal with Microsoft is the clearest evidence of this.

Good news for users who already use the app from Acompli, is that they will continue to work as before, and soon we can expect new updates for them.

In General, everything points to the fact that mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in the strategy of Microsoft.

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