Microsoft bought Groove music player for iOS

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft bought Groove music player for iOS

Microsoft купила аудиоплеер Groove для iOS

The shopping list seems endless Microsoft; the company was surprised by the new acquisition. This time the software giant became the owner of a music player for iOS.

Own music service from Microsoft which is integrated in Windows 10 is the name of «Groove Music», but this name is not entirely new. For a long time already in the app store for iOS there is almost the same app (simply called a Groove) produced by Zikera. Groove for iOS is not a streaming service; this is the usual player music files in the device memory, but with the detection system, recommendations and proposals based on the musical tastes of the user.

Yesterday came the news that the application now belongs to Microsoft. Details of the deal are not specified, but the developers Groove confirmed that the app will no longer available for download (it has already been deleted). Those users on whose devices the app already installed will be able to use it further. However, update any kind of app do not get it.

Acquisition motives are not completely clear. It is possible that greater weight in this transaction have a legal basis (protection of the trade mark Groove), but we also should not rule out the possibility that Microsoft wants to use the algorithms of the recommendations of the Groove for the iOS within their services.

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