Microsoft Band: the first hands-it video

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Band: the first hands-video

Yesterday’s launch of Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health is a tangible manifestation of the software giant’s ability to create innovative products and solutions for the consumer market, as well as the result of a huge investment in the division of research and development. All of this is nothing like the beginning of a new course associated with cloud services that can help companies not only increase the value of their business, but also to simplify the daily lives of users.

Microsoft Band is an innovative product, and not only because it combines the typical features of a fitness tracker but also because he is able to interact with other platforms (iOS and Android). Its innovativeness lies in the fact that it works in conjunction with a new Microsoft Health platform, which was developed in order to help people to collect and analyze relevant to their physical activity data, and from any Internet-connected device.

Unlike smart watches, Microsoft Band has ten sensors, including the sensor, galvanic skin resistance, which measures psychological and physiological arousal, and one to detect UV rays, which will tell you what time of day is best to take a sun bath.

Microsoft Band: первое хэндс-он видео

Sensors and connector Microsoft Band

The device is not waterproof and therefore should be removed during bathing or when bathing. However, the bracelet has a high resistance to penetration of dust and protected from water splashes and sweat.

Microsoft Band has two lithium batteries of 100 mAh each, which with moderate use can provide up to 48 hours (obviously, use of GPS significantly reduces the duration). Charging is via the USB cable supplied that connects to the Microsoft Band using the magnetic connector. The charging process takes about one and a half hours, but 80% of the device being charged within 30 minutes.

Your first steps into the market of wearable devices Microsoft will be done gradually. That is why the bracelet is now available only in the United States. Sales in other countries, including Russia, will begin as soon as Microsoft optimizes the platform taking into account feedback from the first users.

Below are some pictures and first hands-he was a video made by the editors of the site Windows Central.

Microsoft Band: первое хэндс-он видеоMicrosoft Band: первое хэндс-он видеоMicrosoft Band: первое хэндс-он видеоMicrosoft Band: первое хэндс-он видеоMicrosoft Band: первое хэндс-он видеоMicrosoft Band: первое хэндс-он видео

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