Microsoft announces Windows 10

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft introduced Windows 10

No, the title is not an error – just at an event in San Francisco Microsoft has officially revealed the first details of the next version of Windows and, contrary to expectations, it will not be called Windows 9, instead the company decided to call it Windows 10.

C platform, which is being developed under the code name Threshold, the company wants to depart from the accepted with mixed feelings Windows 8 to start with a clean slate and attract millions of users who use Windows 7.

Windows 10 will continue the already started the unification of the various products of the company and will support all types of devices – phones, tablets, computers, workstations, etc.

Microsoft представила Windows 10

For each type of device, the new operating system will offer a separate user interface, but they will all have access to the same app store.

Today’s applications (distributed via the Windows Store) is now called universal, and they can work in windowed mode on the desktop.

Microsoft представила Windows 10

Today’s presentation focused on corporate customers, so the company did not talk about the features that are popular among ordinary users. We have already seen the new menu «start» with the ability to display live tiles, but Windows 10 will include improved capabilities for multitasking that appeal to different types of users. For those who have come to rely on the control panel added a new button Task View, which provides access to the virtual space – analogue of the function which is present in Linux.

Microsoft представила Windows 10

We have new opportunities to divide the display area among multiple applications (up to 4).

Microsoft представила Windows 10

The company rethought and working with hybrid devices, adding the technology Continuum, which will change the interface depending on how the user uses the device only using the touch screen or using the keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft представила Windows 10

In the spring of next year during the Build conference 2015 the company will share more information about Windows 10, and the final release will take place later in the year. Next year will be announced and details of the mobile operating system.

Tomorrow will be available for download a preliminary test version for desktops and tablets, and is expected later editions for servers and other devices.

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