Microsoft announced All-in-One Media Keyboard for PC & Smart TV

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft announced All-in-One Media Keyboard for PC & Smart TV

Microsoft is primarily known as the developer of the software and the Windows family of operating systems and Office take pride of first place in the list of the most popular and successful products of the company. However, Microsoft has long established itself as a developer and excellent peripheral equipment, which greatly simplifies the work of the above mentioned products. This time the software giant has introduced All-in-One Media Keyboard, keyboard, which was developed with the popularity of Smart TV.

Of course, All-in-One Media Keyboard can be used with a traditional desktop PC, if you wish, but every aspect of this keyboard – the key layout and compact form factor – suggests that All-in-One Media Keyboard was not designed to force a user to her sitting at the table.

The keyboard is definitely not the most interesting element of modern computing, but, despite this, Microsoft continues to strive to innovate in this area. Announced keyboard has an integrated trackpad. This is logical, given that to use a separate mouse, sitting on the couch watching TV, will not be so convenient. In addition, the company has provided a lot of useful buttons that will help you manage multimedia content. In short, the keyboard lives up to its name.

As for connections to computers and TVs, this All-in-One Media Keyboard communicates with them via Bluetooth as you might think, but via a USB transceiver.

The device is already on sale for $39, but it can only be purchased from the Microsoft website.

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