Microsoft announced a new search algorithm in the app store Windows 10

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft announced a new search algorithm in the app store Windows 10

One of the problems facing the Windows app store is bad search algorithms that sometimes can’t even find the app, published by Microsoft.

Fortunately, it seems that this problem will be solved with the arrival of Windows 10. The company promises major changes that will be applied to the release of the new operating system.

In particular, the use of new search algorithms that will improve the relevancy of results using information such as number of clicks, number of downloads, reviews, user reviews and keywords.

In addition, the company will process the comments below highlight those that are most relevant and which have received the best reviews from the community.

The new store will display the application version, the date of the last update or the list of compatible devices, at least the first time. In his blog, Microsoft writes that they are working to ensure that this information became available with future updates of the Store. And while the company encourages developers to add this information in the description of the application each time you publish an update.

The other bad news is that a new store will not allow you to install apps on the smartphones with Windows remotely through a browser. However, Microsoft says that this feature will be added later.

Along with the announcement of the said changes, the company also reminded that since July 29, the Windows Store is finally starting to take to publish universal apps for computers and mobile devices. This phase will be accompanied by the release of the final versions of the development tools for Windows 10 that will allow you to create and compile such applications.


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