Microsoft announced a new range of devices specifically for Windows 10 Surface Hub

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has announced a new line of devices specifically for Windows 10 Surface Hub

In addition to numerous software updates and holographic glasses HoloLens, Microsoft announced a completely new line of products called Surface Hub. This part of the project, Perceptive Pixel, and the first of the devices is an 84-inch 4K display with Windows 10.

In addition to the huge multi-touch screen and support for stylus. According to a press release, the company also prepares a 55-inch version of the device. The massive machine includes two cameras, a microphone and a wide range of additional sensors. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not disclose more detailed information about Surface Hub.

Despite working with the operating system Windows 10 machine is different from computer or tablet in terms of user experience. The device offers a special optimization for the large screen and quick links to access Skype, OneNote, and «white Board» for notes or drawing. Also has the ability to connect and broadcast images from other devices with Windows 10.

Microsoft clearly mentions that «TV» is intended for large meeting rooms and mainly for business customers. Also the Surface Hub is another living proof that Windows 10 can run on a variety of devices, regardless of type and size.

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