Microsoft announced a major reorganisation of the company

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has announced a major company reorganization

Rumors that Microsoft is preparing a major reorganization of the company was confirmed. From the message sent by Steve Ballmer to Microsoft employees, it became clear that the new strategy it called One Microsoft. According to the press release, the new strategy «will help the company faster and more efficiently innovate in a rapidly changing world».

At the head of a new Operating Systems Engineering group will stand Terry Myerson, and the activities of this group will cover operating systems for gaming consoles, mobile devices and personal computers.

The other group, Devices and Studios Engineering, will be under the leadership of Julie Larson-green. Under the wing of this group will include all hardware development at Microsoft. The third group will devote itself to the applications and services, and lead her Ki Lou. For business and cloud solutions created another group, the management of which will take Satya Nadel. Marketing efforts of the company will be borne by Tami Reller.

According to Ballmer, the company refuses from the strategy of individual units, and the rivalry between them and the end will come. Instead, Microsoft will focus on one main strategy of development which will allow more efficient use of resources, respond faster to market changes and improve collaboration on all products and services. Will change the way the company works with customers, developers and key partners.

Full statement from Steve Ballmer with a detailed description of changes in the organization and strategy of Microsoft, you can read here:

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