Microsoft and Samsung refuse court

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft and Samsung refuse to court

Last month, Microsoft decided to file a lawsuit against Samsung for not paying royalties from sales of Android devices. This, however, was only a ploy by the Redmond, so both companies will escape judicial punishment.

According to the article in Korea Times, the software giant and Samsung are going to reach a settlement agreement, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Both companies are longtime partners and need each other in a number of projects. Microsoft wants Samsung used Windows Phone in their devices, as the Korean company hopes to benefit from cloud solutions from Microsoft. Thus, both parties are not interested in litigation and, most likely, will find a way to negotiate.

Since Microsoft acquired the Nokia phone business, Samsung stopped paying the licence fees from the sale of Android devices. This prompted Redmond to go to court in new York to get their money.

It is known that Microsoft owns key patents for Android and has contracts with various manufacturers who pay the company royalties for every sold device with Google’s mobile OS. Microsoft, of course, would have won the case against Samsung, but the company is more important to the largest smartphone manufacturer installed Windows Phone on some of their devices.

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