Microsoft and Samsung ended their patent disputes over Android

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft and Samsung ended their patent disputes over Android

Last summer, Microsoft launched a lawsuit against Samsung associated with the license fees that the Korean company has pledged to pay Microsoft for your every sold smartphone with Android. The agreement between the two companies entered into force in 2011 and the amount is not small – the documents in the case showed that in 2013, Samsung paid $ 1 billion.

However, after the sale of the mobile division of Nokia company Microsoft, the Koreans thought that this deal changed the terms of the contract and unilaterally decided not to pay fees due to the business expansion of Samsung smartphones have become much more. It was launched and the arbitration case to decide whether there was a violation of the terms of the contract on the part of Microsoft. In September, the head of Microsoft was on a visit to South Korea, where he said about cohesion between the two companies in this case.

Meanwhile, Samsung and Microsoft announced that the litigation between them in the past, but the exact terms of the new agreement were not disclosed. It is not clear whether Samsung will continue to pay for Microsoft products with Android, and if so, how much. Say that amount was significantly reduced to the Koreans returned to the Windows Phone ecosystem.

: The Verge

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