Microsoft and Red Hat unite for cloud computing

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft and Red Hat unite for cloud computing

Microsoft и Red Hat объединяются вокруг облачных вычислений

Microsoft and Red Hat announced an important agreement aimed at cooperation in the field of cloud services. The partnership distribution is Red Hat-based Linux operating system will be available on the computing platform Microsoft Azure. Employees of both companies will also cooperate closely in providing technical customer support. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

A few years ago, such an agreement seemed to be something inconceivable, given the presence of Microsoft and Red Hat on the opposite poles of the concept of development and delivery of operating systems. On the one hand, Microsoft has traditionally rejected the philosophy of open source, on the other hand, Red Hat and other proponents of Linux for many years embody it in reality.

However, the scenario began to change gradually in light of the increasing activity of Microsoft in the world of Open Source. As a result, Redmond has another valuable ally in the face of the company Red Hat, which Microsoft will provide its own distribution of Linux, as well as regular updates and patches for it.

It should be noted that support for some Linux distros on Azure appeared a few years ago, but still was not among them Red Hat. Now Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be the preferred version of Linux for our enterprise customers using Azure. The ultimate goal of Microsoft is to make its cloud platform more competitive.

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