Microsoft and British designer has created pants with integrated wireless charging

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft and British designer has created pants with integrated wireless charging

Smartphone battery rapidly dying, and you’re on the road and have no idea how to charge the device to regain connection to the world – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? While tech companies are still working to create batteries with a longer battery life, Microsoft has proposed an interesting solution for users of Lumia, namely, buy new pants.

That’s right – pants, but not simple, and the first in the world that can wirelessly charge the phone. You just need to put it in your pocket and the device will start charging. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? The technology is actually the same that Nokia uses in the external battery charging DC-50, which was presented last year.

Microsoft и лондонский дизайнер создали брюки с интегрированной беспроводной зарядкой

The charger is almost imperceptible, so nobody will know that you wear «smart pants.» Are the pants uncomfortable to wear (and there is such a possibility), it is not possible yet, since even now it is unknown when they will be for sale. One thing is clear: the thing keeps up with current fashion trends, because it was developed in partnership with British designer Adrien Savages.

This does not mean that innovative pants won’t be available to anyone – those who will be tempted will be able to buy this product on Amazon. As for the price, this information is not reported, but it is logical to assume that it will be high. The designer says about the amount of more than $ 340.

Would you buy pants that can not be washed?

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