Microsoft also wanted to buy WhatsApp

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft also wanted to buy WhatsApp

Microsoft также хотела купить WhatsAppWhen reading news on that social network Facebook has agreed to pay $19 billion for WhatsApp, many of us probably thought Zuckerberg was crazy. But if not for him, popular messenger now belonged to one of the other tech giants, as his interest in WhatsApp showed many others. Including Microsoft.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, bill gates acknowledged that Microsoft wanted to buy WhatsApp. Probably, the software giant is not satisfied with the price, which was much more than expected, but, nonetheless, gates has defined the company extremely valuable.

According to the founder of Microsoft, the deal between Facebook and WhatsApp shows how valuable is the large user base of the messenger. For those who have forgotten, let me remind you that with the acquisition of WhatsApp, mark Zuckerberg has gained access to the 450 million active users.

It is also worth noting that shortly after news of the agreement with Facebook, it was reported that Google wanted to buy WhatsApp, but the company was willing to pay «only» $10 billion – nearly the widow less. Anyway, later the search giant has officially denied this information.

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