Microsoft against the iPad in new Surface RT ad

By | 10.12.2018

IPad vs Microsoft again in the new ad for Surface RT

Microsoft снова против iPad в новой рекламе Surface RT

Microsoft has gone to extreme measures in order to sell some units of the Surface RT after the price reduction. New ad puts against each other the Surface RT and the iPad, and points to all the advantages and disadvantages in the use of the product from Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, the Surface RT is superior to iPad in terms of multitasking and also thanks to built-in stand, plug-in keyboard, full USB port and pre-installed Microsoft Office. The final blow was the price – $349 for the 32-Gigabyte version of the Surface RT vs $499 for the iPad with 16 GB of internal memory. Advertising possible to set the tablet from Apple is too expensive, but according to the impressions of users from the the Surface RT tablet, stand, keyboard, and multitasking are not decisive advantages. In General, no matter how much you get for your money. On the contrary, the important thing is that you can get.

Besides, the 16-Gigabyte version of the iPad user available is 14 GB, while the 32-Gigabyte tablet MS free only 15 GB. Although you can free up about 8 GB.

I sympathize with both of these companies, but I don’t like what Microsoft is trying to mislead us. Not for the first time.

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