Microsoft again chose Apple for its new advertising

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft again chose Apple for its new advertising

And Nokia with Samsung, Microsoft loves to show products from Apple in their promotional video – not in order to praise them, but quite the contrary, to show his superiority over them. In the new ad against the iPad made a hybrid tablet / laptop Lenovo Yoga running Windows RT. Advertising aimed at schoolchildren and students who will soon return to their classes and classrooms.

What we are trying to convince Microsoft? If you want take notes during lectures, and at the same time to have fun – the iPad is not a suitable choice. This is great for a Lenovo Yoga device that allows easy and quick multitasking.

The lecture will begin soon, and in the audience all sit with iPad. I think Microsoft wants to show the popularity of this product? Of course not, the purpose of this advertising is completely different. One of the students uses Yoga. Suddenly the lecturer starts to lecture, and the audience descends into chaos – students using iPad start to look for a pen and paper. Some use case-stand and trying the abstract using the on-screen keyboard, but they can’t do it fast enough. But the girl with the Lenovo copes easily and with a smile on her face.

In the new ad, Microsoft shows how a lose a lot of students using the iPad. During the lecture, you might need true multi-tasking, so you can quickly switch from games to writing notes, and at the same time typing your message. According to Microsoft, to do it on the iPad quite difficult.

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