Microsoft abandoned the idea of porting Android apps to Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft has abandoned the idea of porting Android apps to Windows 10

Microsoft отказалась от идеи портирования Android-приложений на Windows 10

In the course of yesterday, Microsoft has officially confirmed the closure of the «bridge» Project Astoria, which was created with the aim to help developers convert their Android apps to any universal. Thus, the company confirmed the rumors, which have soared since November last year.

The Astoria project, providing the ability to port Android apps on Windows 10 was presented at the Build developer conference last spring, along with other «bridges», including Project Islandwood, which allows you to effortlessly optimize your iOS app to the Windows platform 10.

It is noteworthy that the news about the termination of the development of Astoria was declared the next day after Microsoft officially announced the acquisition of Xamarin, whose software development tools allow you to create applications in one language, and then optimize them to run on all leading operating systems.

From now on, instead of project Astoria software giant is encouraging developers to use or Xamarin, or Project Islandwood, which suggests that Microsoft sees more opportunities in these two instruments.

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