Methods to save web pages in Opera

By | 10.12.2018

Methods of preservation of a web page in Opera

Undemanding to system resources, a high level of security and configurability have made the browser one of the most popular programs for finding and viewing information located on the Internet.

Why save the page

The information network is constantly changing. Many sites are obsolete. Page with the desired information can disappear.

The reasons for saving pages from the Internet can be several:

  • need to learn the material posted on the page, but do not want to give her a tab.
  • it is necessary to transfer information to another computer or laptop without access to the Internet;
  • road traffic and it is therefore easier for a few seconds to save the page and study the information located on it, without a network connection;
  • it is necessary to examine the data on the page using the e-book.

    Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

Save options

Save information in different formats. You can save a page in Opera one file, in PDF format or just HTML code.

Using the menu button «Opera»

In order to save the entire page, with pictures and formatting in Opera need:

  • press the button with the letter O in the top left corner «customize and control Opera»;
  • choose the menu item «Page»;
  • click «Save as»;
  • in the field «file Type» ask «Page (full)»;
  • to specify a folder to save;
  • to specify the desired file name;
  • click «Save».

Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

In this case, the computer will create an additional folder, which contains images, script files, CSS documents (style sheet) that will ensure the restoration of the information on the page when you transfer the file and folders on another computer that is not connected to the Internet.

In earlier versions of the browser instead of «Page (in full)» attended «Web archive (single file)» in which the data were saved as an archive document with the extension .mht.

Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

The second method of saving the page in the Opera in a single file – pressing Ctrl+S. the Further procedure is similar to the above presented. Both methods will save the document with pictures.

If you select save «Page (HTML only)» the document will be saved without registration, and illustrations.

Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

Using the right mouse button

Pressing the right mouse button opens a contextual (additional) menu, in which there is an item that allows you to download the file to your computer.

The procedure goes like this:

  1. click on free open Opera website with the right mouse button;
  2. choose in context menu «Save as»;
  3. open folder to save the file;
  4. to set new page name, if necessary;
  5. select one of the offered variants;
  6. click the «Save»button.

Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

Also, as in the previous case, when you select «Page (full)» will be saved to a text with images and design. To determine how information was received is impossible. Her connection to the Internet will be gone, the address will be local, i.e. located on a specific computer.

Video: to save in Opera

Make a screenshot of the page

Screenshot – an image that is stored in the clipboard (a special area of computer memory) then paste it into different documents. To take a screenshot of a snap.

To do this:

  • open a browser to the desired page;
  • click on the computer keyboard key «Print Screen» (the image seen on the screen, get into the clipboard);

    Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

  • to open an application program such as a text editor MS Word or Paint;
  • to run in window, open program right click of the mouse.
  • select in the context menu item «Paste»;

    Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

  • the resulting image you can crop or resize it.

Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

This method allows you to save web page as image.


  1. click it, right-click and select «Save as picture»;
  2. you can define a folder name and a file type;
  3. click «Save».

Методы сохранения веб страницы в опере

To take a screenshot on a laptop, it is necessary to press «Fn» and «Print Screen».

Unavailability of Internet in some points, hourly rate, and road traffic can not become a barrier to the use of the information gleaned on the Internet. The browser Opera allows you to access information from the Internet stored on your computer in various ways. Need manual, transport timetables or interesting article will always be at hand.

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