Methods of restarting the router D Link DIR 615

By | 10.12.2018

Ways a reboot of the router D Link DIR 615

Often advanced techniques, like router, have any internal software error. Causing the device simply ceases to work normally – not «distributes» the Internet or simply does not allow to connect to it. To resolve this difficult situation in various ways. One of the most simple restart.

Reboot options

To perform Restart router D — Link DIR 615 two ways:

  • software;
  • hardware.

    Способы перезагрузки роутера D Link DIR 615


Many are not very experienced users causes problems such as the reboot of the router D-Link DIR 615. This operation is extremely simple, it does not require that any special skills, abilities.

The soft reset process is as follows:

  • the device must be plugged in, and on the panel to illuminate all of the required light bulb;
  • turn on the computer and connect to the router way (with the help of patchcord or through the Wi-Fi interface);
  • open any Internet browser;
  • in the address bar enter the following: – this is the unique address DIR 615 used in the local network;
  • opens the login window in the web interface settings;

    Способы перезагрузки роутера D Link DIR 615

  • free input fields (Login, Password) enter «admin»;
  • click on the «login» button (or «Enter» — if the interface is displayed in English);
  • in the upper part of this window is a drop-down list called «System» («System») – click on it with the left button of the mouse.
  • select «restart» («Restart»).

Способы перезагрузки роутера D Link DIR 615

After that, the router will automatically reboot. Remember that if you make it perform setup, enter any parameters, they must be retained.

This can be done also in the section «System», select «Saveand Restart» — save and reboot. This operation will allow you to keep all important data in volatile memory.

Video: configuring the router


Reboot manually required in case of emergency, when for some reason I cannot use web interface.

To carry out this operation in two ways:

  • with the button «Power»;

    Способы перезагрузки роутера D Link DIR 615

  • with the button reset to the factory settings.

In the rear of the chassis DIR 615 there is a «Power» button. With it you can disable power to the device, even if plug inserted in the socket 220 (B). After disconnecting the power again, press this button. The device will turn on. This method of restart is fastest.

Sometimes it happens that settings has led to a serious software error in the process operation of the router. Moreover, these settings are saved in volatile memory and not allow you to restart programmatically, since you cannot log in to the web interface. The manufacturer has provided a similar situation. It is in this case a special reset button to default settings.

To perform this operation will take a long, thin object. For example, awl or rod of a ballpoint pen.

When something like this is available, you should do the following:

  • take the device in hand and flip him to his side, where the LAN ports;
  • find recessed in the plastic button – press it and hold for 10 seconds.

Способы перезагрузки роутера D Link DIR 615

After this operation the device will restart. This method has one drawback – all previously entered settings will be erased.

Restart D-Link DIR 615 are simple. But we should remember that not all methods allow you to save the settings entered by the user.

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