Methods of disabling the touchpad on a laptop

By | 10.12.2018

Methods to disable touchpad on laptop

The laptop is conceived as a portable device, replacing a personal computer, thus all the functionality of a desktop computer, familiar to the user, should be mandatory implemented.

But so that this does not create difficulties when used for its intended purpose – away from power sources, stationary flat surfaces.

One of the most convenient features of a modern computer is the mouse or, on scientific, manipulator, transforming physical movement into an electrical signal.

The signal can be command cursor movement or scrolling of pages in a text editor. As a mouse replacement the laptop uses a special device – the touchpad.

Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

The exact translation of the English word «touchpad» means «panel for touch», «touch panel». Knowledge of them is almost not required, the cursor control via hand movement when using a computer mouse replaced by a finger when using a touch panel.

The ergonomics of the laptop is constructed in such a way that the fingers find it themselves. Causing the cursor to move on the bizarre trajectories.

How to disable

The touchpad is a piece of hardware of laptop, therefore, the mechanisms determining the mode of its functioning the same applies to other hardware components.

Among such mechanisms are the following:

  1. use one of the predefined by the manufacturer of the laptop function keys that control the operating modes of modules;
  2. via settings drivers supplied by manufacturers of the system components;

    Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

  3. by means of the operating system;
  4. forever, using low-level software of the computer – the BIOS or UEFI;
  5. a physical effect, namely, manually connecting or disconnecting devices to the corresponding connectors of the motherboard.

The first four methods are discussed below in this article in the Chapter with the corresponding names. But about the physical way is to talk separately.

To replace components of the system that does not negate the responsibilities of the manufacturer for warranty service acquired high-tech equipment, on the bottom of the laptop case have special caps for removing and installing electronic devices.

Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

Physically disconnect the touchpad from the motherboard may not be carried out without opening the case, special covers are provided. Thus, this operation being made, the system automatically removes the laptop from the guarantee.

That would disable it from the system Board, you need to disassemble the laptop and unplug the touchpad ribbon cable from the connector on the Board. Reverse operation is also possible: to connect the touchpad after the physical disconnect the loop again stuck in the connector on the system Board.

Surgery is not complicated, but involves the basic skills of handling modern electronic components.

Video: when typing to disable the touchpad

Function keys

Function keys control the operation of peripheral components of the laptop. Activation of control functions are normally performed, by holding down Fn while pressing the keys of a number F (F1 –F12).

Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

Attention! The location of the Fn key figure 1 shows schematically. On Your model of laptop the Fn key may be located elsewhere, for example, between the left Ctrl and Alt keys.

List and function control keys do not fall under any international or corporate standard, so every manufacturer is free to assign laptops the functionality of the buttons of the keyboard based on their preferences.

Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

Crossed-out rectangle on the function keys may mean exactly the function You are looking for. Holding the Fn button, then press with a crossed rectangle. Move finger on the touchpad. The cursor moves? So, all is not so simple.

The following list shows the default shortcut to disable touchpad in laptop by laptop manufacturer:

The manufacturer of the laptop



Fn + F9, Fn + F7


Hold the upper-left corner of the touchpad, or a quick double touch.


Fn + F5, Fn + F8


Fn + F7


Fn + F1, Assist


Fn + F5

Attention! In the specific model of laptop may not have shortcut keys assigned by the manufacturer to disable the touchpad. In this case, the method to disable the touchpad using the function keys does not apply to Your model of the portable computer.

Settings Synaptics

The following method applies only to tachpadom manufactured by Synaptics.

This manufacturer is the largest in the world, but Your laptop may be a touch-screen panel and other brand.

To disable the touchpad manufactured by Synaptics, you should perform the following sequence of actions:

  • open «Windows control Panel»;
  • under «Hardware and sound» category in «Devices and printers» to open the snap-in «Mouse»;
  • to invoke the device properties by clicking right mouse button on the tab «device Settings»;
  • select «Disable».

    Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

Fact checking the disable touch pad simple: after pressing the «OK» button and the finger movements on the device, the cursor should not move.

The command devmgmt.msc

The command devmgmt.mscentered in the input line of the start menu, opens familiar to every Windows user snap-in «device Manager».

Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

This snap-in can be accessed through the Windows control panel by performing the following steps:

  1. click on the «start»button;
  2. choose the «control Panel»;
  3. in control panel select «System and security»;
  4. under «System» choose the snap-in «device Manager».

In device Manager, the touch panel can be in one of two categories:

  • Mouse and other pointing devices;

    Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

  • HID device.

It may be called differently, for example, «USB input device» or something with the words «touchpad» or «touchpad». In the figure 3 embodiment, the touch panel is called «Finger Sensing Pad» and is in the list «Mice and other pointing devices».

On the selected element, click the right mouse button and select «Disable».


To fully disable the touchpad, you can use the BIOS feature that controls settings for the integrated positioner. To enter the configuration mode of the BIOS after turning on the laptop, press the specific manufacturer of the laptop key on the keyboard. So, for most laptops you have to press the F2 key, another common key is Del.

Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

Attention! The information about the function keys typically displays in the bottom line of the screen.

After entering BIOS setup you need to find the option «Internal Pointing Device», and set its value to «Disabled». If you need to enable the touchpad back, you again have to enter the BIOS to find this option and set its value to «Enabled».

Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

How to disable the touchpad on my laptop when a mouse is connected

Apparently the easiest and logical way is to set up the operating system Your laptop automatically disable the touchpad when an external mouse. To enable this mode:

  1. go to «Devices and printers» from the «start menu»;
  2. find the touchpad and mouse;

    Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

  3. click the right mouse button to invoke the «mouse Settings»;
  4. click on the tab «Connection mouse with USB connector»;

    Методы отключения сенсорной панели на ноутбуке

  5. select «Touch pad is automatically disabled».

Attention! This setting is not present on all models of laptops. The presence of such settings on a particular model of laptop depends on the operating system, drivers for the USB mouse and the touchpad.

If Your laptop has a touchpad company Synaptics, the same result can be achieved by selecting the switch «Disable internal pointing device when external pointing device to a USB port» tab of the control parameters of the device, as shown in figure 2.

Despite the fact that there are several ways how to disable the touchpad on a laptop, not everyone can run on Your computer model. The specific method is determined by the user based on his needs, the capabilities of the hardware and software of the portable PC.

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