Methods of converting PDF files to Word

By | 10.12.2018

Methods of converting PDF files to Word

Many computer users probably will not again faced with such a problem. Often during operation, there is a need to select some piece of text, report, or other piece for further work.

Conversion programs

Today, this question is so urgent, that every user can choose the appropriate best for the program. Thanks to the efforts of developers, there are plenty to choose from.

Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

PDF to Word Converter

The conversion process occurs on a reduced scenario (Install Now) and full (Custom). In the first case, it is sufficient just to press one button since all settings are applied by default. The second option includes the choice of the user, who chooses the folder where will be stored information.

The interface is designed in such a way that everything you need is at hand and there is nothing superfluous. All you need to do is choose the file that will be converted, and, in fact, start the translation process.

Main features:

  • she is Autonomous, i.e. it does not require the installation and use of Adobe Acrobat;
  • the program also easily stores tables, layouts, images and hyperlinks;
  • support encrypted files.

    Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

Solid Converter PDF

To convert the file just click the button that appears when you run the «convert PDF to Word» and also specify a source file that appears in the pane on the right side of the window.

Further, at its own discretion can change the settings in the conversion process. When all settings have been completed, the user can simply click on «Start» and the desired document will open automatically.

It is available in two versions: paid and trial. Using the second option, you get the ability to convert files to the formats within 15 days. And if at this time you decide to buy it, the program automatically becomes full.

Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

The service allows not only to easily carry out the conversion, but also then edit the material on their own. Converting here as possible for different kinds of documents, and to separate the selected fragments.

Another feature of this program is that after conversion don’t require further refinement. This means that you will get a copy with which to do whatever you want.

First PDF

It is also quite convenient and useful program that allows you to work not only with texts but also with pictures.

Main features:

  1. the opportunity to work in three modes: unified, accurate and continuous;
  2. converting the files to images with a huge number of parameters.
  3. restrictions on the size of the files does not exist here;
  4. the only drawback is that the program does not support OCR recognition;
  5. you can choose what pages to convert;
  6. updated program interface.

    Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

To convert files in the program you must first select the desired file and click «GO». The process of conversion here takes less than 3 seconds.

Video: pdf convert to word

STDU Viewer

With this program, you no longer have received any document to search for ways that you can access it. It is, in fact, not really a program, but rather a viewer of electronic documents.

It supports most of the best known and most commonly used formats, including, of course, and with the ability to convert files to Word format. You just need the fragments or the entire text, and then copy it to the clipboard.

Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

This Converter can operate in two modes:

  • quick search – located directly on the toolbar (with its help you can find the following word document from the current page);
  • advanced search – the program searches for all occurrences of search queries.
  • the result is a list, and you just need to click one of its elements to go to the respective page where the phrase was found.

PDF to Word Converter online

There is nothing easier than to convert PDF to Word using online services. For example, if you need to scan a document or even a book to read on a tablet, you can use one of these converters.

Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

The principle of their operation is rather simple:

  • you need to choose pages or fragments of document and upload them;
  • select the language for recognition of the document from the system, with which you will work;
  • be sure to also specify the format in which you wish to receive the result of the conversion;
  • for convenience, you can merge all selected items into a single document;
  • after that, you just need to download the result, and then have to act at their discretion.

If you take one of the most common programs, Fine Reader Online (most of the rest have basically the same functions), you may notice that after conversion, in addition to the texts it is possible to work with tables, figures and other fragments.

Subsequently, you can use them in other documents, but also update the source file. You can work with documents in 42 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, also work with old books and documents.


This program is working in online mode, is completely free. With it you can do a screenshot of the page and convert it to the desired format by uploading the required documents into the system.

Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

The job requires:

  1. to download the required document or its fragment;
  2. then enter the URL of the file you want to convert to Word;
  3. an alternative option is the ability to choose from the so-called «cloud storage» for conversion.

You also need to understand that this is not just a Converter from format to format.

Using this service, you have the opportunity to:

  • create screenshots of the pages;
  • in addition to texts, also convert various pictures and images;
  • to work with presentations.

    Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

Convert PDF to Word

With it you can convert the document format or its fragments with the use of the RTF format. This utility retains the original information, including all layers, and image in the generated document.

With it, you also have the opportunity to work in batch mode. To work you need only the file you want to convert and just click the button. The result will be saved in the same folder as original file by default.

You can also add them by simply dragging in the window of this program.

Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

Among the main features of the utility are the following:

  1. batch mode;
  2. command line support, and PDF 1.5 Protocol;
  3. the size and number of pages is set automatically;
  4. the use of encrypted files;
  5. convert non text blocks.

Conversions on Google Drive

The job requires:

  • pour a convertible and a document to Google drive;
  • using the right mouse button and choose «open with Google docs»;
  • in the opened menu choose «download as» and your preferred format (Microsoft Word);
  • the result is a downloadable file will remain as a Google Document;
  • since this utility is designed to work with small volumes, the user can obtain a denial or error notification. In this case, you will have to use other online services.

    Методы конвертации файлов PDF в Word

In conclusion, I must say that document conversion is not anything supernatural. Of course, at a certain stage of each program can be difficult, however, to solve them will be difficult.

For best results, the best option would be to use at least once every service described above and determine for yourself which one you are more comfortable in work.

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