Methods connect laptop to TV

By | 10.12.2018

Methods connect laptop to the TV

Modern laptop – high quality multimedia platform. With its use you can not only play games but also listen to music, view movies and pictures. However, sitting for such a compact device will never be able to experience the same fullness of sensations that can be achieved from wide screen plasma televisions.

This is the reason that most PC users decide to connect a laptop to a TV. It should be noted immediately that to complete the task is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, but the creators of this electronics took care of compatibility of these devices and thought an additional connectors.

A little bit about the connectors

Depending on the age of both devices, they can find the following types of outputs:

  • VGA. This is an obsolete format used to transfer images. The use of such a connector found on graphics cards or monitors of the old generations;
  • DVI. This is the current standard format connector for the graphics card. It is used to connect the monitor;
  • HDMI or mini HDMI. Through this connector the signal is supplied through a single cable. To date, the most advanced technology;

    Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

  • S-Video. This connector can be called a «Dinosaur» in the technologies associated with data transfer. However, he still continues to be integrated into some models;
  • the alternative is DisplayPort HDMI. It allows to transmit not only digital audio but also visual signals on a single cable.

It turns out that depending on the type of connector is required to pick up the cable. Next, you need to connect both devices to each other using it. So, let’s try to understand this list.

Define device capabilities

The connection method will depend on the type of ports available on the devices. TV, connected to a laptop, can turn into a music center, a game screen or monitor for watching movies.

With its use you can open any files that are on the laptop, view your photos and images. Has the ability to open text files, edit them, save. Surprisingly, access to the Internet, to engage in habitual actions. In other words, the processor works on the laptop but all data displayed on the TV screen.

Video: connect TV

Configuring connections for the interfaces

To configure the interfaces do not have to do complex operations, you must:

  • go to the settings or the TV’s menu, find the active connector, through which connection;
  • in most models of TV it is disabled or not is determined independently;
  • to select the active mode using the remote control.

To configure an interface laptop computer, you need:

  1. to open display properties;

    Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

  2. when working with Windows, you will need just to click on the desktop, right-click.

If the TV was found, the user will be presented with several options:

  • be duplicated. This option means that everything that is displayed on the screen will be duplicated on the LCD monitor. This is useful when the device just turn, and don’t use;
  • to expand the screens. This is an interesting feature, when using the desktop, laptop you can do certain actions, and the TV will show a movie.

On some laptops there are other options. For example, cancel the connection.


Modern LCD TVs have similar features with computers, and therefore belong to the class of digital devices. Therefore, plasma does not differ from the monitor. The only difference may be the screen size. To transmit sound and picture in high quality the need to use modern technology – HDMI. With its use you can achieve new levels of quality of the image.

Types of HDMI cables:

  • the standard form should be used for audio and video. The maximum resolution is 1080p;
  • high speed format is different from the standard type to support 3D, Deepcolor and other technologies that every day are gaining popularity;
  • standard + Internet – this kind of HDMI adds to the main action, the possibility of access to the global network;

    Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

  • high-speed + Internet not only increased base opportunities, but also access to the Internet;
  • the car format is a special type of cable used to connect to multimedia devices. Is the name of this species derives from the fact that most commonly used in cars, even while driving she can maintain high speed data transmission.

To connect to the TV, you can use any option.

The process is simple, it occurs according to the following algorithm:

  • purchased HDMI cable you need to connect one side to the TV and the other to the laptop. Recommended for both devices to turn off;
  • first you want to turn on the TV after the laptop. If the operating system starts the screen starts to flicker, it is possible to conclude that the connection was correctly and successfully. In most may require self-adjustment, which was described above.

    Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

  • further, the desire on the laptop, you can adjust the level of light transmission brightness and other settings.

In the process of connecting the cable the user may encounter several issues. The first is with a black TV screen. To solve this problem you need to force to set the required resolution in the settings of the operating system on the laptop.

It is recommended to do this before connecting. Another question, the most frequently occurring among fans of saving money, is in poor image quality or unexpected stop of data transmission. To solve this problem, we need to change the cable to a higher quality.


RCA – trehrezhimny exit located on the front panel of modern TV sets. It contains the connectors are white, yellow and red colors. For connecting the TV with external devices will need to use a special cord, known as the Tulip. At its ends it also has a triple branching, each designed for a specific connector.

The process of connecting TV with laptop:

  • to turn off both devices. Otherwise, connect will be «unknown» device that is not displayed on the TV;
  • the next step is to connect TV with laptop cable. Difficult to get confused as the connectors are painted in the same color as the cord;

    Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

  • during this process there is no need to disable the laptop monitor. He may his usual role;
  • next, we need to turn on the TV then the laptop. This sequence is recommended. And the operating system and the computer should recognize each other as external devices. The TV will need to be translated in the AV mode;
  • video configuration process that you want to perform once. On subsequent connections to the computer, it will not be necessary again.


With modern TVs when connected no problem, but what to do if your card is out of date, and TV connectors on it do not exist? The only solution remains the connection to the VGA analog connector with use of special devices. They are changing computer RGB signal so that it can recognize the TV.

Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

For connection of devices required:

  1. to connect the Converter to the laptop using a two-way VGA cable;
  2. next, connect the Converter to any port on the TV.


DVI interface with which signals are formed of modern graphics cards. The quality of the transmitted image will be affected by the cable type. The distinction of this species from HDMI is that DVI can only transmit the picture. For audio there is an additional cable. To connect with a DVI cable the same with the actions that need to be made when connecting via HDMI.

Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору


S-Video – four-channel connector, which can transmit high-quality picture without the HDMI cable. This result was achieved thanks to the separation of signals of brightness and color from each other. There is no need to use any adapters as connectors S-Video have almost all the cards. When you connect you want to make sure both devices were off.

Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

In the settings of the operating system will need to specify the TV as a second monitor. Running on the latest device is usually done automatically. If not, then you need to go to the menu and to find the active socket.

How to connect laptop to TV via WIFI router

Most modern devices are equipped with a function of connecting the laptop to the TV via Wi Fi, so no problems should arise.

Required for connection:

  • linking TB and the router, then the system connect to laptop;
  • in the settings menu of the TV to locate the active connector, to connect to it;
  • then install on the Windows media server to the TV was able to recognize all the files and programs;
  • the last step is to run media server.

    Методы подключения ноутбука к телевизору

Some of the nuances

If you want to connect a laptop to several TV, making such a procedure possible. You just want to use two or more connectors on the panel of the portable computer. If during transfer of pictures the monitor goes out, then you shouldn’t worry.

The data will still be broadcasted on the LCD screen. Portable computer enters the power saving mode, but it will not affect the TV.

Connecting laptop screen to the TV – not an easy task, but if you understand all the connectors and cables, then it can be done in just few minutes. The main rule is not to forget to turn off both devices up to the moment when they are connected. Good luck!

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